Scooter Braun: Focused on Ariana Grande’s K-Pop Fan Engagement and Beauty, Not Music or Movies Management.

Scooter Braun clarified Himself


Scooter Braun clarified on Instagram that he is not managing Ariana Grande’s music or movie ventures. Despite his successful Nova Music Fest events, Grande is currently under the management of Brandon Creed, having parted ways with Braun last year.

However, Braun revealed that he is assisting Grande with her involvement in the Korean platform Weverse, owned by Hybe, his corporation in the US. Additionally, he is collaborating with her on the development of a cosmetic line named REM, unrelated to the renowned rock group.

While Braun is involved in these projects, Grande’s main career management remains under Brandon Creed. Although her recent album “Eternal Sunshine” didn’t receive much attention, fans can anticipate her appearance in the upcoming movie adaptation of the musical “Wicked,” with Part 1 scheduled for release this winter, followed by Part 2.


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