Amidst Escalating Threats: Cyberattacks Surge Against Federal Government Infrastructure.

According to The Register, U.S. federal agencies documented 32,211 cyber incidents in 2023, marking a 9.9% uptick from 2022, with the majority revolving around breaches of system usage policies.

A report from the White House disclosed that malicious emails and phishing attempts ranked as the second most common method used to infiltrate federal systems, experiencing the most substantial year-over-year surge in incident counts. Brute-force assaults, meanwhile, demonstrated the highest percentage growth compared to the previous year. Additionally, the majority of these incidents were assessed to have a “highly unlikely” impact on society.

The report further identified the Departments of Health and Human Services, Justice, and the Treasury as the primary sources of major cyber events, each reporting two notable incidents. Among the incidents reported by the HHS were two separate ransomware attacks initiated by third parties, resulting in the exposure of data from 2.8 million individuals in one instance and the pilferage of information from 1.88 million others in another.


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